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Interactive experience of the light art of Frankfurt

Institute of art history puts installations into an academic context

Frankfurt on the Main is a city of light: Home of the world´s leading trade fair Light + Building and of the Luminale, biennial for light art and urban design, in Frankfurt and Offenbach. At night its skyline shines clearly visible from a distance. Strollers in the ramparts, on streets and in the squares repeatedly bump into installations of light art. Many of them are accessible with a walking tour – the so called night walks. Three journeys are offered on the website of the Goethe University institute of art history.

Virtual museum
Beyond walking tours compliant to the pandemic, the website also invites its visitors to approach the oevres of partly renowned light artists like Tobias Rehberger, Ólafur Eliasson or Leo Villareal from an academic point of view. To this end the students have described, contextualized and illustrated on a map 30 light artworks from a period of 25 about years which are publicly accessible or easily visible from outside. Their aim was to address their references to the history of art, culture and technology, their artistic concept and the possibility to draw the line between light art and light design. The students´ work also points out the long tradition of light as the material of artistic work – retraceable all the way back to the sacred art of the Gothic period. The contributions are the results of a seminar in the Master program in art history and the whole project is sponsored by the Hessische Kulturstiftung. There will be more: Currently the students are designing routes for an interactive rally accessible through a Smartphone app.