Benefits of Healthy Buildings

White Paper "People-Centric Buildings for European Citizens"

People centric buildings can make office work more effective, schools a place where students learn faster and hospitals a better healing environment. These are the findings of a study by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) for the White Paper "People-Centric Buildings for European Citizens", to which LightingEurope contributed.

BPIE summarized the results of all published and unpublished studies which quantified at least one benefit from building renovations that improved the indoor environment in offices, schools, or hospitals. These are the essential elements the researchers identified as responsible for the indoor environmental quality: the thermal comfort level, the indoor air quality, optimal lighting and noise. The goal should be: an ideal temperature, plenty of clean and fresh air, the right lighting (including good access to daylight and appropriate levels and quality of electric light), less external noise and better internal acoustics.