Bye bye halogen light sources

Next step phase-out of high voltage halogen lamps is coming closer

High voltage halogen lamp types gradually disappear from the European market. The reason is that they are consuming too much power. However, not all types of halogen lamps are being banned from the European market at the same time.

On 1 September 2018, the next and last stage of Regulation (EC) No 244/2009 will take effect. From then on mains voltage halogen non-directional lamps will not fulfil EU eco-design requirements. They can therefore no longer be placed on the market. Remaining stocks continue to be sold and used. These light sources are operated with a mains voltage of 230 volts and usually have socket types E27 and E14. Exempted are halogen R7s linear lamps and G9 halogen capsules.

Thereby the non-directional lamps share the fate of directional lamps. Since 1 September 2016 these Spots are no longer allowed to be placed on market.

How about Low voltage halogen lamps
Starting from 1 September 2018, low voltage non-directional halogen lamps need to have at least efficiency class B. This applies since 1 September 2016 to low voltage directional halogen lamps. Low voltage halogen lamps are operated with twelve volts. They are available with base types GU5.3, GU4 and G4.

Source: LightingEurope: „Halogen lamps – phase out – status and next steps