Employees wish for better workplace lighting

Europe-wide workplace environment survey published

Which lighting influences mood, vigilance and productivity in workplaces positively? A Europe-wide survey shows that more than half of the surveyed industrial and office workers want better lighting – especially older employees. It is not only the need for improved light, over 50 percent stated that the physical luminaire aesthetics where important to them, especially workers under 30.

80 percent of those questioned would like to have workplace lighting which automatically adapts to personal needs, with over 75 percent wanting their work light to change colour when it turns dark outside.

Almost all study participants are aware of the significant influence of light: 90 percent confirmed that light influences their mood. 92 percent said it influences their vigilance in the work place and 87 percent it affects their performance.

Repro-light is a European research project. It will harness innovative technologies and materials to design a modular luminaire architecture with a smart production scheme as part of the circular economy, a reconfigurable customised LED luminaire, the “Luminaire of the Future”.

The full report can be downloaded from the project website.

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