German Light Award

Jan van Munster will be honored for his lifetime achievement

The Dutchman Jan van Munster will receive the German Light Art Award 2020. The 80-year-old artist will be honored for his life's work. Van Munsters theme is energy, often in the form of light. A lot of his works and installations can be seen in public spaces, such as the light sculpture "Sunbeam for Heilbronn" on the Wartberg Tower or the 22 meters high "Blade of Grass with lots of Energy" with fluorescent lamps, positioned at the Ede (Netherlands) intersection. Since last year, the "Brainwave" has been decorating a house façade in the German light art region of Hellweg, using electroencephalography (EEG) curves and producing frequencies and amplitudes of light art objects from neon or argon tubes. Van Munster had numerous international solo exhibitions.

The award is presented every two years by the Robert Simon Art Foundation in the Art Museum Celle in Germany, starting in 2014. Renowned recipients were besides the light art pioneer Otto Piene, Mischa Kuball and Brigitte Kowanz.