International Day of Light 2019

The campaign day should raise awareness of the significance of light

Light plays a major role in science, culture and society. For the second time, the Day of Light will be celebrated next year on May 16 with many actions, events, and lectures. For the registration of organizations and companies appointments the official calendar now is online. International Day of Light events can be hosted on or around May 16, 2019.

Special topic education
In collaboration with UNESCO there will be a special focus for 2019 on the use of light science as a means of stimulating education in science and engineering, especially in developing countries. This topic will be called Illuminating Education and will be the subject of a special one-day conference held at Trieste, Italy, on May 16. The conference starts with a lecture on light in nature
followed by thematic sessions covering areas of education, entrepreneurship, career development for young researchers, and the use of light as a lever for sustainable development.  

In 2018, more than 640 events took place in more than 80 countries. The Day of Light shall be an enduring legacy of the International Year of Light in 2015 and continue the cooperation between science, culture, decision-makers, industry leaders, and the public.