LEDs: no health hazard

EU informs about possible impairments

Periodically rumors emerge about possible hazardous impact of LED light sources on human health. That´s why the EU took a closer look at potential risks – finding no concrete indication of possible health hazards under normal conditions of use. Imaginable risks and their impacts are described by the "Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER)" in the factsheet "So far, no health risks dim LED lights’ bright future".

Blue light
One finding of the report is that short-wave blue light sent from LED sources and displays in the evening can impact the circadian rhythm. But so far it has not yet been researched if this can also affect health. Impact on the quality of sleep however can be avoided by using warm white lighting in the evening.

Consumers have nothing to fear: LED luminaires are basically no more hazardous than any other light sources when used properly. European and national standards oblige manufacturers to uphold safety levels and to
draw attention to any relevant dangers. The EU appreciates further research with the remark that the development of LED technology is still going on.

Further information on LED can be found in the licht.de brochure licht.wissen 17 "LEDs: Basics – Applications – Effects".