New guideline Human Centric Lighting

Support for architect and planners in the conception of HCL lighting

New guideline of licht.de licht.wissen 21 "Leitfaden Human Centric Lighting (HCL)" has been published in German. The support tool for planning showcases the multiple properties of light and their impact on humans in a holistic way: visually, emotionally and biologically. Well planned HCL concepts optimize the interplay of artificial and natural light and at the same time support the circadian rhythm of human beings. Users of these lighting solutions benefit from improves sleep patterns and are more productive, concentrated and generally feel better. Preconditions however are a capable planning, professional installation and proper operation.

Right lighting at the right time

HCL concepts are demanding and significantly exceed the mere adaption of lighting intensity and color temperature. The effect of lighting is considered holistically: visual requirement, biological effect of light and in which context lighting is used (e. g. work or living environment, nursing, school).

On its 40 pages the paper outlines the whole process of planning, relevant standards, four specific application scenarios and offers values for the biological effect. A strip cartoon demonstrates the use of HCL lighting and its advantages over the course of the day in a charming and convincing way.

The new issue licht.wissen 21 "Leitfaden Human Centric Lighting (HCL)" can be downloaded for free.