No health risk from LED

CIE published position statement on the Blue Light Hazard

The fact that LEDs don´t pose any health risk was already noted by the EU last year. Now, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) confirms in its current position statement: There is no evidence in humans of any adverse health effects from occasional exposure to optical radiation at the exposure limits.

Consumers have nothing to fear
Light sources – including LEDs – which emit primarily white light will usually contain a proportion of light at wavelengths that are relevant to the assessment of the Blue Light Hazard. According to CIE, light sources that are “cooler”, or attributed to a high colour temperature, are likely to contain a higher proportion of blue light than light sources that are “warmer” or of a lower colour temperature. The Blue Light Hazard exposure limit from incandescent and LED lamps for general lighting is similar for similar colour temperatures, the CIE says and refers to practical assessments which have shown that the Blue Light Hazard exposure limits are not exceeded under all reasonably foreseeable use conditions. Furthermore, the exposure levels were often lower than experienced from viewing a blue sky.