Study: Double Dynamic Lighting

Researchers are testing light based on biological, aesthetic and functional aspects

Standards and guidelines are defining minimum requirements for office lighting. But employees desire more, as an ongoing study in Denmark reveals. During the investigation of workplace lighting by the Aalborg University the test persons are showing preference for a combination of direct and scattered dynamic daylight and artificial lighting.

Weather conditions in the room
This concept researchers call “Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL)“, because it combines natural daylight and artificial lighting. DDL embraces the dynamic qualities of daylight and refers them to the human perception of unpredictability, naturalness, flow of light, light modeling effect and personal light zones. To an extend it projects weather conditions into the room. In the study this kind of lighting is perceived as pleasant for the atmosphere, visual comfort and motivation.

Practical guidelines will be developed, examined and realized through a series of tests. The study´s goal is to develop a comprehensive concept for lighting design – based on a combination of biological, aesthetic and functional aspects. A white paper can be downloaded from the university´s website. Available is also an internet video explaining the lighting approach.