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Experience summer nights in the glow of light art

“Stay home“ is over. Borders open again and wanderlust comes back strongly. Friends of light art are heading east: For example to the “Lighting Guerrilla Festival“ Ljubljana, Slovenia, until July 11th. There is a central group exhibition in “Match Gallery“ and a couple of open air installations in the streets and parks and on places and bridges of the city and vicinity.

In the native town of Nicolaus Copernicus, in Thorn, Poland, astronomy and science are the focus of the “Bella Skyway Festival“ from August 18th until 23rd.

Who does not want to wander too far can also experience light art in Germany. The residence city of Braunschweig hosts the „Lichtparcours“ until October 9th. Center of the artistic debate is the waterway of the Oker and its 24 bridges. This characteristic topography of the city surrounded by historic water courses is starting point of the 15 oevres, because they were designed according to this environment by international artists.