Wireless Lighting Systems

LIA published Mini Guide to wireless lighting controls

Title Guide to Wireless Lighting Systems

"Wireless opens up a world of opportunity for the lighting industry, so do not be left behind as we move towards the Internet of Things." That is the conclusion the Light Industry Association (LIA) draws in its "Guide to Wireless Lighting Systems". On 22 pages the LIA shows the advantages of wireless for lighting and the technology behind it. As it is already revolutionizing the lighting industry and at the same time confusing it, the Guide aims "to demystify some of the jargon and expand on the benefits and possible weaknesses of wireless technology".

In retrofits, for example, wireless solutions allow the existing infrastructure to remain unchanged and at the same time enable devices to be placed where they are needed rather than can be wired. Another advantage is flexibility: A wireless network is scalable, can grow and be changed at low additional costs and also be connected via software rather than hard-wiring. The booklet highlights technologies, different networks, protocols, and security aspects and offers an overview of best practices.