ZVEI consumer study

Light is number one in smart homes

Smart home application are becoming increasingly popular. According to a representative consumer survey carried out by ZVEI (in German language) two out of ten persons in Germany use networked functions. A rise of five percentage points in users compared to last year´s survey – and amongst the “Millenials”, the group people between 14 and 35 years, an increase of nine percentage points was recognized – a total rise of 50 percent. A clear signal for a very dynamic market.

Intelligent control of lighting is what all participants most frequently use. About 40 percent of the users control indoor and outdoor lighting with it – which makes light the top application, followed by control of heating.

Light is incredibly versatile

There are multiple possibilities to use interconnected lighting. Two examples: A door sensor cross-linked with a lamp automatically turns on light as soon as the resident gets home. He doesn´t even have to grope for the light switch in the dark. Burglars react rather puzzled to the sudden illumination and at best retreat. Another example is the combination of lamp and ambient air sensor: As soon as the room needs some fresh air and ventilation, light will automatically be turned on.