BIM characteristics for lighting

German version of the specification DIN CEN/TS 17623 published

BIM is a method for the networked planning of a construction and its management by means of software. Building Information Modeling, BIM, is a simultaneous process which digitally models, combines and records all relevant building data. In lighting applications it is important to be able to understand the working process and provide contributions as needed. Lately the European technical specification DIN CEN/TS 17623 "BIM Properties for lighting – Luminaires and sensing devices" has been published its August 2021 edition.

Clear assignment
The specification defines lighting characteristics for digital building design and maintenance. It delivers all relevant properties for planning and describing luminaires and sensing devices. These assignment characteristics facilitate the exchange of luminaire and sensor data within various databases. A clear assignment also improves data quality, decreases misinterpretation, and reduces processing time in digital environments.

The new DIN CEN/TS 17623 was developed by the Technical Committee  CEN/TC 169 "Light and Lighting". The responsible German standardization committee is NA 058-00-01 GA in the DIN Standards Committee for Lighting (FNL).