Discovering Light – Fun Experiments with Optics

An interactive Book on the exciting world of light

There is so much to know and learn around light and in the exciting world of optics and photonics. A new way for an interested general audience and secondary-education-level students to access it is a book that was originally written in Spanish and is now available in English: "Discovering Light – Fun Experiments with Optics" is a collaboration of 14 young scientists who met at Spain´s Institute of Optics.

Light "is an integral part of our lives, both via natural light phenomena as well as within the many devices we use today," says editor María Viñas-Peña. She and her co-authors intended to answer basic questions about light and demonstrate fun ways to engage with it. They do so in sections titled "What is light?", "Light in nature", "The human eye: A Biological Camera" and "Safety Rules for the Use of Laser Pointers". There is not only a lot to learn but to do also: The book includes a variety of easy-to-follow experiments related to different optical phenomena and technologies. They all base on the experience the scientists gathered in more than 10 years of teaching optics to the general public and high-school students.

The translation into English now makes the book available for a broader international audience. It was a co-publishing effort between the international society for optics and photonics (SPIE), the Optical Society Foundation (OSAF), and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). It is currently available as an open access, downloadable eBook via the SPIE Digital Library. A print version of the book is scheduled for publication in mid-June.