Light for video calls

Three tips for proper lighting during Zoom, Teams & Co.

Video conferencing has become part of many employee´s new daily working routine during the last year. Picture quality is not always ideal and some participants appear in a rather unflattering way. In order to put oneself in a positive light the office lighting should be scrutinized – three tips for the right illumination during video calls.

Tip 1: Head-on and slightly elevated
Ideally, light should come directly from straight ahead and additionally from a slightly elevated point, most suitable in an angle of 30 degrees above the eyes. Lateral positioning of light sources should not exceed an angle of 45 degrees to avoid less flattering shadows.

Tip 2: Soft shadows
Diffused light sources produce soft shadows and reduce glare. Special lights, attached to the upper edge of the screen or positioned on a tripod, illuminate the face with an even glow of light.

Tip 3: Background darker than front
During video conferences the background should be illuminated less brightly than the front. Otherwise the face appears too dark. Therefore the participant should not sit with the back to the window. The background should appear as calm and tidy as possible.