Living in the attic

Smart lighting solutions for special rooms

Penthouses are cozy but also quite “odd“. In comparison to other appartements there is less wall area and floor space for high furniture. This calls out for a very thought-out furnishing concept that makes the most of every nook. Lighting is particularly important. Even though newly remodeled attic apartments let in plenty of daylight, sloping walls often shade the incidence of light. And older lofts often lack enough windows. In both cases inventive lighting solutions complement natural light and likewise stage the architecture of the room, states the industry initiative licht.de.

Subtle LED light
LED stripes can be mounted, for example, behind all around profiles between the wall and ceiling – so called coving. This way the LED strips give light without a visible lamp. Linear lighting is a creative design tool for indirect light that hardly requires any space. And there are hardly any limits to the imagination. The strips can also be mounted on or under furniture.

One power outlet – lots of light
For tricky lighting tasks in the attic rope and bar systems with several luminaires and spotlights are also very suitable. They offer the desired flexibility even with only one power outlet in the middle of the ceiling. And they can be adapted to the room´s dimensions and even be attached to the wall. Luminaires or swiveling spotlights can easily be moved anytime. Beautiful to look at is the illumination of coffee tables, dining tables and night stands by pendant lights. They illuminate the table top and adjacent surroundings.

Beware of tripping hazards
Flexible alternatives are floor and table lamps. But beware: If a floor lamp is placed in a considerable distance to the wall, its cable can quickly turn into a tripping hazard. In this case sufficient floor sockets and cable ducts are extremely useful.