Summertime, burglary time

Smart against thieves and unwanted visitors

Crime statistics for 2021 count around 55,000 residential burglaries and attempted burglaries. Therefore people are more and more protecting their homes against burglars with mechanical and electronic measures. One way is to simulate presence even though no one is at home or the occupants are on holiday, recommends the industry initiative licht.de.

To make a house or flat look really busy, the lighting control system should be configured accordingly – with pre-installed scenes or manual settings. However, these should not reveal any pattern. If a lighting management system is integrated into the building technology, shutters, motion detectors and outdoor lighting as well as music and TV sounds may also be included. Nowadays, digital systems can also be programmed and controlled smartly without extensive installation work via an app. For houses with conventional lighting, timers could be an alternative: They are plugged in between the socket and the light and set accordingly.

Installing motion detectors correctly

Motion detectors switch on the light as soon as someone approaches the building – this alone may deter unauthorised persons. When buying a motion detector, make sure it has a sufficiently large angle of detection and the necessary range. Proper installation means placing the detector high enough so that it cannot be sabotaged. In addition, sources of interference should be minimised, especially reflective surfaces. Models with selective alarm suppression are recommended to ensure that not every single stray cat turns on the light. Modern outdoor luminaires often come with sensors already integrated. They also react automatically as soon as someone approaches.

Luminaires with IP protection

Luminaires used outdoors need to have at least IP 44 protection: This means they are protected against splashing water and the penetration of solid foreign bodies with a diameter of more than one millimetre.

However, all these measures are of little help if the letterbox overflows. That´s why the combination of technical security measures, correct behaviour and neighbourly help is the best protection against intruders.