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Hen Centric Lighting

Less stress for hens thanks to better lighting in the house

Dynamic lighting in the laying hen house can have a positive effect on well-being and egg production. Such a lighting system supports the poultry's circadian rhythm, extends their lifespan and lets them lay up to two percent more eggs, reports the German news portal

Birds can perceive the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum that humans cannot see. Their photoreceptors in the eye are important in controlling circadian rhythms. Higher levels of red in light, for example, simulate the production of neuropeptides in the hypothalamus, which regulates reproduction in laying hens.

Eggs dimmed into the nest
A slow dimming of the light mimics sunset. Hens then move to their nests to lay eggs. In cool lighting, they are more inclined to lay their eggs on the floor of the coop. Reddish light is also said to help against feather pecking.