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Li-Fi joins the Wi-Fi standard

Data transmission via light becomes the standard

Li-Fi wireless data transfer has been published as the 802.11bb standard by the responsible committee of the US Institute of Electrical and…


Touch the Light

Spacious laser installations by Margareta Hesse in Unna

The Centre for International Light Art in Unna is showing the special exhibition "Touch the Light" with laser works by Margareta Hesse. The…


Germany's most beautiful light events

From the coast to the foothills of the Alps – a light journey through the regions

Throughout the year, especially from the second half of the year, buildings, streets or even entire ensembles are illuminated in many places in…


Hen Centric Lighting

Less stress for hens thanks to better lighting in the house

Dynamic lighting in the laying hen house can have a positive effect on well-being and egg production. Such a lighting system supports the poultry's…


Lights in the airplane: That's why they go out during takeoff and landing

Precautions for better visibility in an emergency

Germany is in the mood for travel: airlines are reporting record bookings and summer vacation is just around the corner. Many passengers find the…


In the garden, pay attention to high protection class

Barbecue parties and safe paths – lighting must be suitable for outdoor use

The garden is an ideal place for relaxation and socialising well into the evening. Here, people continue to barbecue and celebrate even after dark.…


Kronach lights up in April

Nine nights of light in the Landesgartenschaupark

Kronach lights up in the Landesgartenschaupark from 21 to 29 April 2023. The well-known city event “Kronach leuchtet” announces a variety of different…


Sleep well thanks to app

Lighting according to the chronobiological clock of travellers

Long journeys, especially on planes, can have unpleasant consequences: Jet lag is often accompanied by sleep disturbances, fatigue or poor…


Now it's cosy: light for reading

Avoid tired eyes with the right lighting

The best place for a reading light is at the side or behind the reader. The eye is then not dazzled by direct light from the front or reflections on…



Light Art XXL: New Temporary Exhibition in Unna

In its new temporary exhibition Hypersculptures, the Centre for International Light Art in Unna is showing light sculptures, that fill a whole room.…