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Year 2021


Answers to DIN EN 12464-1

The new workplace standard simplifies lighting design has asked its chairman Peter Dehoff four questions about the new workplace standard DIN EN 12464-1, to which he actively contributed as…


With the bike visible and safe through autumn and winter

Rechargeable battery bike lighting needs a test mark and must not dazzle

Autumn is just the right moment for a light check on the bike. Because good light can save lives when the days get shorter and the nights longer. Bike…


Survey on light pollution

Magazine identifies potential for sustainability in the German lighting industry

If light immissions for the illumination of urban agglomeration radiate upwards and illuminate the sky, this is often referred to as “light…


The impact of light

An interview with Dr Jürgen Waldorf (ZVEI,

Light makes things visible – and always has an impact. In many cases, we fail to see the significance because the eye is a good-natured organ. It…


BIM characteristics for lighting

German version of the specification DIN CEN/TS 17623 published

BIM is a method for the networked planning of a construction and its management by means of software. Building Information Modeling, BIM, is a…


Inventor Award 2021 for OLED pioneering work

European Patent Office honors German physicist Karl Leo

OLED displays can nowadays be found in almost all new-generation smartphones and many TV screens. The method developed by Karl Leo for boosting…


Discovering Light – Fun Experiments with Optics

An interactive Book on the exciting world of light

There is so much to know and learn around light and in the exciting world of optics and photonics. A new way for an interested general audience and…


Light for video calls

Three tips for proper lighting during Zoom, Teams & Co.

Video conferencing has become part of many employee´s new daily working routine during the last year. Picture quality is not always ideal and some…


CIE publication on discomfort glare in traffic

Overview of research methods, mathematical models and relevant variables

A uniform model for the discomfort glare in traffic far does not exist so far. The new report of the CIE (International Commission on Illumination),…


Do you speak light technology?

International Lighting Vocabulary (ILV) sets international standard

The 2nd edition of the International Lighting Vocabulary (ILV) of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) offers 1.347 definitions on 248…