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Year 2022


A brief history of Christmas lighting

From Christianity to the first fairy lights to the energy shortage

In times of energy shortages, are Christmas lights a luxury that we should do without? Let's take a look back: what do the festive lights mean and how…


Exhibition: New Light from Pompeii

Lighting is a key to understanding social life

In no other city were such diversely designed bronze lamps found as in Pompeii. The Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich examined 180 finds from…


Proper parking in dark streets

Avoiding fines: What motorists must observe when parking

Germany saves electricity. Less public lighting entails that a certain parking rule will be applied more frequently this fall and winter: vehicles…


Saving energy: Consumers increasingly rethink their own actions

ZVEI consumer survey shows high savings potential in the home

Consumers are aware of the need to save energy. This is the result of the survey conducted in August 2022 by the German Electrical and Digital…

19.09.2022 at the Light + Building autumn edition

Lighting knowledge galore and games for the fun factor at the stand

The industry initiative is breaking new ground in knowledge transfer for lighting – at Stand C71 in Hall 3.0 at Light + Building, all the…


Detect steps – avoid falls

Lighting prevents accidents in the stairwell

Sometimes it happens very quickly – a wrong step or a stumble is followed by a fall. Falls are among the most common household accidents. Good…


Saving energy at home

Tips for the right choice of lamps

Many people face the coming fall and winter with concern. Will energy supplies last? In order to take precautions, some are already taking steps to…


Summertime, burglary time

Smart against thieves and unwanted visitors

Crime statistics for 2021 count around 55,000 residential burglaries and attempted burglaries. Therefore people are more and more protecting their…


FILD launches Lighting for Excellence Student Award

Student competition promotes lighting design in architecture

The Federation of International Lighting Design (FILD) promotes student projects that combine creative design with a suitable lighting concept and…


Bright, stable and easy to recycle

LEC – electrochemical cells emit blue and white light

Researchers from Munich and Turin have developed a low-cost and uncomplicated production lighting technology with light-emitting electrochemical…