Light + Building shows trends in luminaire design

Playful, clear or striking - current design follows three styles

Which colours, shapes and materials will define the world's leading trade fair Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from 3 to 8 March 2024? On behalf of the trade fair, design experts have identified three trend themes.

Playing with illusion
"Welcome Tomorrow" stands for designs that use advanced technologies to give natural phenomena and lighting effects a new aesthetic. Softly glowing pastel shades dominate the colour palette and seem to radiate from within. Illusory effects are a recurring design element. Many designers use materials and shapes for their luminaires that play with perception through shadows, reflections and movement. Designers, craftsmen and developers explore the intersection of materials, aesthetics and feasibility and take ecological and sustainable aspects into account in the creation process.

Modern, genuine and clear
The "Embrace Simplicity" trend focuses on soothing, calm and holistic designs. They are created through creative clarity and authenticity and focus on values such as sustainability, functionality and emotion. The colour scheme is characterised by natural and untreated material colours: pastels and lighter tones convey lightness and correspond with darker room colours. Ergonomic room concepts are combined with warmth and cosiness. Lighting, furnishings and decorative elements are characterised by simple modernity.

The special is the trump card
"Create Uniqueness" focusses on the extraordinary, such as diverse designs with a distinctly unique character. Originality is created in a dialogue between industry and craftsmanship. Colours play a key role, turning designs and materials into eye-catchers with striking accents. The palette is colourful, lively and unusual. The lights are created using a variety of techniques, contrasting materials and shapes. Aesthetically different concepts are often combined, with strong motifs and patterns meeting clear shapes.

The three top themes will be presented in detail in lectures at the Design Plaza in Hall 3.1. The accompanying trend show will provide visual impressions and additional information.